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Gamezade is an e-commerce platform that offers services through the sale of Zynga Chips, alongside Digital Codes (E-pin), Skins, and Items, bringing players together with the gaming world. With Gamezade, you can purchase Digital Codes and in-game currencies for many games in the gaming world. Since 2003, it has become a reliable shopping platform for players, with its growing audience and increasing number of members.

Gamezade continues its work by keeping up with innovation and technology through user-friendly updates every day. With the Whatsapp and Live Support team available between 13:00 and 01:00, you can quickly find solutions to your questions and problems, and purchase Digital Code products 24/7, which are instantly delivered by the system. You can shop easily and quickly, benefiting from various payment channels with 3D Secure and SSL Certificate.


Our Advantages
We Provide Economical Opportunities for Players
We continuously run campaigns with millions of successful sales. We offer you the best prices and the highest quality service for the products you will purchase.


Your Privacy is Important
Information shared between Gamezade and users for verification purposes is never shared with any user or business partners under any circumstances.


Instant Transactions
Our Zynga poker chip sales and chip transfers are actively serving 24/7, and in addition, our Digital Code (E-pin) sales are integrated with API technologies, allowing instant transactions and immediate delivery of all player needs without keeping the player waiting, offering a pleasant shopping experience.


We Are Always With You
Our expert and knowledgeable Live Support staff are there to support you with all kinds of questions and problems at any time of the day. You can ask questions and get immediate answers or create a Support Request for detailed inquiries.

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