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These are high-level accounts with a large amount of chips loaded in them opened through Zynga Poker.


Our accounts have been acquired a long time ago and are offered for sale after waiting for a long time in our inventory, and they are accounts that do not have the risk of getting banned as long as you do not violate the game.


When you open the Zynga Poker application on your phone, you can log in by pressing the yellow Zynga Poker Log In button that appears in front of you.


It will ask for a security code when you log in because each account is associated with a defined device, and if you log in with a different device, it will ask you for a security code as a security measure, and the security code it asks for will be sent to the email address that will be provided to you upon product delivery. You can check it by logging into your email. This way, your account will be secure.

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