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How Much Chip Should Be in My Account to Place an Order?
We do not care how much chip is in your account. Zynga Chip loading is done to your account regardless. However, the more chips you have in your account, the safer and faster your transaction will be processed.


Do I Have to Register as a Member?
You do not have to be a member to place an order. After selecting the product you want to buy, you can place an order without being a member by using the Non-Member Payment option that appears, and you can check the details of your orders from the Order Tracking screen. Or, you can quickly place an order without any hassle using the Fast Buy option found at the top right corner of our website and check the status of your order from the screen that appears.


How Can I Make a Payment?
To place an order, you must first make a payment. For payment, you can either use your credit card on our website or make a transaction via bank transfer. Besides these, all our bank accounts are available, and we have cost-free bank accounts due to the direct agreement made with the bank. If you wish, you can easily make a payment without any additional fee using Ziraat - Akbank - Finansbank or Yapı Kredi bank ATMs. In addition, you can also make payments using Papara payment services or usdt (crypto currency) payment channels. After making a payment, you do not have to register as a member, you can either register and place an order or, as explained above, place an order without registering. Or you can ask for help from your customer representative.


Will I Get Banned if I Buy Zynga Chip?
We would like you to know that there is always a risk of being banned according to Zynga rules. In case of a ban, the responsibility definitely belongs to the person who purchased the product. Because the main rule of Zynga Texas Holdem Poker is that even if you buy chips from Zynga itself, transferring chips to a friend is prohibited and is a reason for a ban. Our duty is to minimize this possibility. Therefore, we open our own accounts from different countries (Germany - UK - France) and we open your account from Turkey, close a table for 5 players to prevent foreigners from entering, and then transfer Zynga chips as if playing a game. Thus, we minimize the risk of getting banned. However, after purchasing the product from us, attempting to share it with your friends or transferring chips to each other will inevitably lead to a ban, and for this reason, we kindly ask you not to share your chips with anyone in the game.

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